BullyGuard™ Beta now available

BullyGuard Beta now available on Google Play; iOS coming soon

A mobile app that identifies online threats, including cyberbullying, online predators, and more.

Ontario, Canada – August 11th, 2014  Available today on the Google Play store, BullyGuard™ is a new and innovative application. It acts as a monitoring and detection system for parents to observe and respond to questionable online behaviour on their child’s mobile device.  Installed on a child’s mobile devices, Bullyguard™ monitors all text messaging for dangerous or malicious keywords or phrases for a variety of online threats, including:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online predators
  • Depression or negative body image
  • Other early indicators of potential child risk

BullyGuard™ assists parents in maintaining a safe online environment for their children, without being wholly invasive. With technology advancing, the looming threat of online predators and cyberbullying has become a growing concern. Parents need to be on guard and aware of the many online dangers available to their children.  Malicious information transmitted from BullyGuard™ is automatically sent to parents in REAL TIME. This is an essential component, ensuring the lines of communication will remain open with their children before a situation escalates.  All data collected by BullyGuard™ depicts accurate information received directly from the external harassment source. In obtaining real time information, concrete evidence can be presented to the proper professionals or authorities to safeguard an end to the harassment.

BullyGuard™ operates in Real Time:

  • Monitoring of text messaging sent or received on a mobile device
  • GPS monitoring of device activity – know if BullyGuard™ has been disabled, and where the device was when it was last active
  • Immediate threat assessment and communication with parent or guardian via email notice
  • Bully Guard™ saves no information – your child’s privacy is preserved while notifying parents only of the triggered word or phrase.  The actual conversation or context of the alert exists only on the original device.
  • COMING SOON! iOS version
  • COMING SOON! Monitoring of Email, and Private Messaging from Facebook and Twitter
  • COMING SOON! Custom Keyword monitoring

Millennials text more than any generation that has come before – it’s not just access to the technology, it’s how their generation communicates.  Recent polls show mobile phone ownership among high school and college age students at close to 100%, and the percentage that regularly use text messaging at 99%.  It’s a difficult position for parents: take away the devices and the child is cut off from the conversations among their peers; allow them their devices and risk exposing them to cyberbully and potentially worse. Recent research has even discovered that “around 30 percent of children stated that they have been cyber bullied but only 10 percent of parents reported being aware that their children encountered cyber bullying” and that “15 percent of children admitted to being bullies and only five percent of parents were aware of it.”Source And this is among the LEAST shocking of some of the cyberbullying statistics that can be found with a simple google search.   
BullyGuard™ is designed to close this gap.  While the only true cure for cyberbullying is communication, BullyGuard™ gives parents a strategic advantage.


The BullyGuard Team

The BullyGuard™ app is available on Google Play as a fee download, with the monthly subscription basic account available for $4.99 per month. iOS coming soon.

Visit http://www.bullyguard.com for more information.